Thursday, September 22, 2011

Belly Shot (& Then Some)

So I've been a bad blogger lately. Typical. However, I did plan on posting last night, but the internet was acting funky. Annnnywhoo, I've got a belly shot(s), woot woot!

I'll be 26 weeks tomorrow, I can't believe it! Boy, does time fly! I can't wait to meet my little man. Hehe, look at Ms. Piggy on my shirt. Love her.

Some cookies I made for my hubby and I last night. Yum ;)

I picked up a couple things from the beauty supply store. I have been on the hunt for raw shea butter because I haven't been able to find some as cheap as I have back home. I settled on getting an 8 ounce container for 10 bucks, which still doesn't compare to the $5.99 price tag at home but eh..what are ya gonna do? I also got a couple Ruby Kisses nail polishes since they were only a buck each. I've tried the brand before and didn't like it, but the colors were both neon so I decided to try the creme and shimmer finishes. The blue one is Teal Envy and the gold one is Sunflower. Swatches soon!

This is what's on my nails now. I showed this in my last post. I love love LOVE the color burgundy for the fall, and this nail polish is no different.

I also wanted to share with you all a couple bloggers who are hosting some really great giveaways. Check them out!:
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Until next post,

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