Friday, September 9, 2011

WOMN? (What's on my nails?)+update

So I attempted water marbling the other night, and let me tell you it was BLOODY HELL. What did I expect though, everything looks way easier on youtube. I'm not really a patient person though, and I attempted to do this at 2 am, so...:). Anywhoo, I'm not gonna go into excruciating detail on how to do it because, like I said, youtube it! But basically you put drops of nail polish into a bowl or so of whatever, swirl it with a pointy thing to make a marbled design, and dip your fingers in. I used a styrofoam bowl, and nail polish must eat through styrofoam or something, because drops of nail polish kept getting stuck to the bottom and they ATE through the bowl. Overall, it was a messy, grueling process that took two hours. Would I do it again? Meh. I'm so impatient. I find it looks better if you paint your nails a solid color first. I don't really like this color combo though. Reminds me of Shrek. And you can't even see the yellow! Booooo.
Polishes used L to R:Green With Envy (base), Lacey Lilac, Easy Going, Unicorn

L to R: Big Money (Frost), Broadway Burgundy (Frost), Big Apple Red (Creme)
I also picked up some nail polishes from NYC (fall colors ftw!) These are only 94 cents at Walmart! I think the burgundy one is my favorite. I'll be featuring these soon in future WOMN's.

T to B: Rue 21, Charlotte Russe, Avon, Body Central

Random picture of my bracelets. I don't normally wear a lot of bracelets, but I did yesterday so I decided to share!
Update: So I am 24 weeks pregnant today! I had a doctor's appointment today and my son and I are perfectly healthy. Such a blessing. My husband and I found out our "it" is a "he" last Thursday. We were kinda hoping for a girl, but a baby is a blessing regardless of the sex. We came up with the name Raiden, which means "thunderous", but his mother hates it. Says it reminds her of bug spray :/. I'm not too crazy about the meaning, but if the spelling is changed to Raydon, it means "protective hands". I don't like that spelling though. Ahh well. We'll figure something out. I can't believe I'm 6 months already! Where does time go? Hopefully I can get a belly post this weekend! Toodles my loves.


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